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LifeShield recognizes the needs of Houston homeowners and has developed a home security system with the flexibility to meet your needs. The LifeShield system is so straightforward, you will be able to set it up and activate it yourself - no need to schedule and wait for home installation. Our security system's multiple central controls offer backup layers of protection - so if a your phone goes out, your home is still protected. And LifeShield's state-of-the-art mobile technology lets you activate and disarm your home security whether you're in Houston or not. You can log in online and check when people came and went - so you'll always know that the kids got home safely. LifeShield has you covered whatever your situation.
Back to School/Off-campus SafetyMy Houston home is in need of a security system upgrade. I want my kids to be able to control it themselves and be able to arm and disarm it easily since they'll be coming home alone from school. Please recommend one. LifeShield is the perfect choice for your family. Kids can control it via an app on their phone, or by using the keychain remote.
BurglaryBurglars can break into ADT-protected homes, rip the alarm system console out of the wall, and steal important valuables. When you protect your home with LifeShield, you can rest easy knowing that multiple control centers ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. If your console is damaged, a signal will be sent to our monitoring center and the police will be on their way in no time!*
Easy Set UpOur alarm system offers foolproof setup—no technician or tools necessary! If you choose ADT, you could be waiting for hours for an installation technician. With LifeShield, you’ll be on the way to feeling safe and secure in your Houston home in no time.
Fire & Flood ProtectionFire is a greater danger than burglary because of the potential for loss of life and home. Only LifeShield provides affordable protection--fire monitoring is included FREE with all LifeShield monitoring plans.* Existing smoke alarms will wake people up, but they won't call the fire department. LifeShield's high-tech Siren Detectors alert our monitoring center if your existing hardwired smoke or fire detectors go off.
High-TechWith over 20 security technology patents, LifeShield is the smart choice for securing your Houston home. Most alarm systems still send their signal to the monitoring center via a phone line, wasting valuable time in the event of an emergency. LifeShield Security’s technology offers the fastest monitoring response in the industry, providing you with true peace of mind.
Mobile FeaturesEnjoy remote access with LifeShield’s cutting-edge mobile technology. Utilize LifeView, our security portal which is available on the web and through our Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and iPad applications. You can arm and disarm your alarm, receive texts or e-mail notifications about entrance activity, and even view video. All of these services are included as part of the LifeShield Houston home security package!
Monitoring SystemLifeShield works with a 5 diamond certified monitoring center, Guardian Protection Services, which cooperates with over 25,000 local police, fire, and medical agencies. GPS has over 50 years of experience protecting homes and families just like yours. Order LifeShield now, and you will get FREE monitoring for your first 30 days!*
ValueADT charges over $52 a month for monitoring, while LifeShield gives you full home security protection for less than $1 a day.* Don't pay extra for fire, carbon monoxide, temperature, flood and medical monitoring—all of these, as well as remote control of your security system, are included FREE with LifeShield.* With LifeShield, you'll experience value AND peace of mind.
Security ExpertsWe at LifeShield know that even though Houston is a relatively safe place, potential threats to your home could be lurking around any corner. You can trust LifeShield to keep you safe--our expert knowledge of home security in the Houston area means that you and your valuables will be protected.

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LifeShield in Houston leaves other home security competitors in the dust with its cutting-edge technology and monitoring capabilities. LifeShield enables you to secure your home from remote locations via smartphone, iPad, or computer. You can even utilize LifeView to access your system remotely and know how long the cleaning lady was at your house or see when the kids got home from school.

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